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Markus, the Tiger Woods of GolfIt! by Perfuse Entertainment

Markus is most well known for his rank as the #1 GolfIt! player in the world. Pioneer of the "0 meta" for the legendary course EL SURFEO DEL COBAYO, he is rightfully called "The Tiger Woods of GolfIt!"

Syntaxless is a one person development team which specializes in Unity.

The Syntaxless Blog was created as a convenient way to keep a collection of devlogs, unity guides (some created, some shared), indie game reviews, unity news, unity asset reviews, and any other miscellaneous video game / technology news.

Initially this project will be used mostly as a motivator of posting game development progress as well as storing any interesting guides and keeping them handy, it is an overall goal to reach a place to hopefully shine some more light on the indie game scene and some really hidden gems of microgames, mostly found on the great website

Syntaxless as a project (this blog included), is very much a work-in-progress.